Why Kosher?

The Global Demand for Kosher

Over the past twenty-five years, the demand for kosher certified products has  increased dramatically. Specifically, the kosher market has been growing at an annual rate of 15% for the past several years. In order to meet this demand, companies throughout the world are seeking kosher certification in order to expand their existing market and enhance sales strategies. Many of these companies are enjoying the marketing privileges Kosher certification offers. Kosher certification can open new marketing avenues never before accessed. 

The Mark of Quality Assurance 

The kosher symbol on a label, represents more than a product that conforms to religious standards. It is viewed as a mark of quality and an added safeguard, tantamount to the famous “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.” In fact, according to a 2001 Integrated Marketing Communications survey, consumers who believe kosher is better comprise 25% of the market. Without any of the dietary concerns mentioned above, they nevertheless look for a kosher symbol as additional reassurance when buying food. 

Gone are the days when food was purchased indiscriminately, merely on the basis of taste or eye appeal. Consumers examine the ingredient panel of products, as well as the nutritional information prominently displayed on the label. They are extremely concerned about the food they eat, questioning manufacturing procedures, as well as the choice of ingredients used. The kosher symbol, with the monitoring and care it represents, ensures the highest quality standards to the largest and most diverse consumer audience. 

Who Buys Kosher? 

Millions of people throughout the world limit their food consumption, and seek out the kosher symbol to insure that their preferences are being addressed. According to market studies, the appeal of kosher foods transcends the interest of any one specific ethnic group. Consumers of kosher foods include Jews, Muslims and members of other religious denominations, vegetarians, those with lactose intolerance, and those who believe that “kosher is better.” 

Kosher as a Marketing Device

The  Kosher symbol has become an increasingly important marketing device which generates additional revenues by expanding the size of the market. Supermarkets favour brands with certification because it gives the product a competitive edge that makes it sell faster. That also means that certification can lead to an increase in a company’s private label business. 

There is clear evidence that a kosher symbol boosts market share, that a kosher product can win more favourable shelf space, and that positioned next to a competing non-kosher brand, a kosher product will do better by 20%. This data has remained constant even in the smaller cities, far from heavier concentrations of kosher consumers. 

(Source: Integrated Marketing Communications.) 

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