About Us

1K Kosher is one the highest certification  agencies with universal acceptance and recognition in the Kashrus industry.

The 1K Kosher certification department certifies thousands of ingredients and food products from all over the world with a team of experts in the Kashrus industry and food technology.

The 1K Kosher Certification team is comprised of experts proffesionals in the kosher industry. 

It is headed by Rabbi Menahem Hadad an emisarie of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to Brussels Belgium since 1993. Rabbi M. Hadad is the Chief Rabbi of the Brussels Orthodox Community and runs the Maayan ‘Hay Center for Students.

Rabbi M. Hadad is extremely knowledgeable with the kosher certification procedures, he is trained in food production technology and is an expert professionals in his field.

1K Kosher has achieved an extremely reliable and highest level of Kashrus standard. We  ensure that when you make an enquiry with us, your call is handled professionally and quickly. 

We are here to help you increase your sales and reach worldwide markets thanks to our 1K Kosher label.

Going Kosher has never been easier!

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